Wonder of Swimming

A new book

by Debra Franks to be published on 1st May 2022


The Wonder of Swimming is a new children’s book by Debra Franks.
The book shows you and your child some of the techniques we teach in swimming lessons. It showcases their imagination while learning to swim and discover their own water confidence through the eyes of Poppy in her first swimming lesson.

A child’s swimming lesson teaches a combination of survival, water confidence and swimming. As teachers we want the children to breathe out when underwater, rather than breathe in, which is why we teach bubbles. We also want them to be able to twist their bodies, like flipping pancakes, over onto their backs.

The Wonder of Swimming ... with pancake otters


Demonstrating some of the techniques taught by swimming teachers…


Characterful illustrations create an engaging and fun read…

Wonder of Swimming ... with pink elephants


Bright illustrations based on the imaginations of the children…

The Wonder of Swimming

48 beautifully illustrated pages, full colour, hardback children’s book.
Landscape format, 245 x 200mm. £14.99 plus p&p.

The Wonder of Swimming is only possible because of the children I have taught over the years. The magic and wonder found in these pages is all down to those children and their incredible imaginations. Together we had a lot of fun and I hope this book helps children, parents and carers to see why we teach the things we do.

Where can I get a copy?

The Wonder of Swimming – published on 1st May 2022.
You can order your copy by clicking the link below and a book will be sent to you shortly after.

About the Author

Debra Franks was a swimming teacher for over 12 years. She trained and taught at Warminster and Salisbury swimming pools and Judy Sporle School of Swimming in Winchester, both privately and for County. Debra is married with two boys, who both completed all levels of the Wiltshire swimming and life saving programmes.

Author Debra Franks

What people are saying

“Woah, this is so magical!” – Zachary.

“As soon as you see the cover you know that this book is something quite special. It is a work of art and captivates little minds with its mix of informative and playful prose. You are taken on a journey of swimming discovery with every page. My water-loving children adored it!” – Georgina Mobaraki, mother of two.

“Twenty years of my life in a stunning book.”
Sarah Barwick, Swimming instructor

“A beautiful book!” – Naomi Fewins, Children’s Librarian, Salisbury

I’ll take 3 copies!

My children will love this!

Wonder of Swimming - Rockets